Abhinav Anshu

Abhinav Anshu is the Founder of Anshu Rishu Virtual School of Foreign Languages. Established in 2014, ARVSL has emerged as a leading online language learning platform. Abhinav, a Computer Science & Engineering Graduate and Diploma holder in Spanish as a foreign language comes from the Silk city of India, Bhagalpur from the state of Bihar.

Abhinav started his career as a business analyst in Digital Marketing industry before switching to sales and business development. He possesses some of core skills in the area of sales, product management, business development, risk management and program management.[...]

Having trained 100+ language enthusiasts, Abhinav is well versed in Spanish and Arabic. He is a proactive leader with clarity of thoughts, excellent relationship building and interpersonal skills. He also possesses a flexible & detail oriented attitude and problem solving organizational abilities. Distinguished and optimum solution to a problem with unique problem solving skills is one of his traits.

Abhijeet Rishu

Abhijeet Rishu is the co-founder of Anshu Rishu Virtual School of Foreign Languages. He graduates with Computer Science and Engineering and working as a Software Engineer for Atos India Pvt ltd, Bangalore. Abhijeet is a native of Bhagalpur, the silk city of India, from the state of Bihar. Having 2.4 years of experience in IT industry, he has played a key role in helping ARVSL to double the revenue within the span of 3 years.

He handles sales and marketing of ARVSL, where he is responsible for analyzing market trends, identifying new prospects, formulating sales and market strategies, negotiating with industry veterans and Client/Partner relationship management. He has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the entire portfolio of the organization’s offerings.[...]

He is also responsible for team management and operations, wherein he monitors the performance level of the staff for ensuring superior training and coaching the team for inhabiting best training methodologies. Being a proficient linguist in Spanish and German, Abhijeet is also involved in training the students for initial levels of the language.

Abhijeet has received “The Excellence Award” for the year 2016 and has been recognized as “The Best Spanish Trainer” for Bangalore region. Also, he has been accolade with “The Wall Of Fame” by Urban India’s leading online marketplace for local services.

Tejal Chauhan
Associate Trainer - German Language

Tejal Chauhan is a B.Com graduate from Mumbai University. Having 7+ years of working experience, she has been associated with major firms Viz Nokia Siemens Networks Pvt Ltd., Dell International Services, Kodak India Pvt Ltd., Mafoi Management Consultant Ltd. She is working as an Associate German Language Trainer with ARVSL.

She is a C1 level certified German linguist from Goethe Institute Switzerland. She possesses a distinguished characteristic of being versatile while dealing with students of different age groups. She is imaginative and with the help of her new ideas she breaks the monotony and makes the students takes the lively participation in the class. She motivates her students, creating opportunities for them to interact with one another through activities such as role plays, group discussions and conversations. Tejal is a food lover. She also cooks food in her free time. She likes to travel, swim and play football.

Ashutosh Anand
Associate Trainer - German Language

Ashutosh Anand started his career with an NGO “Humana“. He is a graduate from MCU University Bhopal. He was working with NIDS Ltd. as German Language and Cultural Trainer head at Jalandhar, Punjab. He has also been appointed as German Language Trainer at National Institute of Technology Silchar (Assam) under the guidance of Goethe Institute- Kolkata.

Ashutosh is a B2 level certified German language expert from Goethe Institute New Delhi. Apart from being proficient in German language, he is also well versed in other Germanic language like Dutch and East Slavic language like Russian. He is working with ARVSL as an associate German language trainer. He has been the part of theatre workshop “Deutsch lernen Durch Theatre” held at the Goethe Institute New Delhi in collaboration with university of Heidelberg. [...]

He follows the practical approach for training his students. During his trainings, he weaves together all of the various learning techniques, exploring the different ways of teaching language even the experimental ones to provide his students with the best chance to learn. He is very passionate about travelling, dancing and performing social activities.

Aasim Zameeri
Associate Trainer - Arabic Language

Aasim Zameeri, a native of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. He is working with ARVSL as an Associate Arabic Language Trainer. He has a vast experience as an Arabic Language Trainer with 10+ years of working experience in different language institutes. He is an easy going and charismatic Trainer.

He possesses a hard core knowledge of Arabic language and literature being completed his Fadhil of Arabic from Deoband University Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He is well versed with some of the famous proses and poems viz Maqamaat, Mukhtaraat, Kamil Kilaani, AlmuAllaqat and Almutanabbi and Alhamasa. He has the quality of inspire through his attitude, actions and even through the lessons or activities he engages the students in. He has mastered the language during his extensive 8 years of learning and has the ability to pass on the knowledge to students. He assesses the learning that his students have done and make changes based on those assessments. During his sessions he lists most common Arabic words, phrases, dialog, situation, movies, songs, poetry to deliver the finest knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic (al-fusha). He is being a successful linguist in Persian and Urdu as well. He loves to read literature books and play football and tennis.