Progress Seen for Which Language Course

Progress Seen for Which Language Course

At ARVSL the goal is to make language learning fun and enjoyable yet effective. We believe in delivering best education full of play hence constantly developing new features that make learning new game at every passing stage. At same time we are serious about taking scientific, data-driven approach to all courses and about sharing what we are educating and how we are approaching. Everybody learns   as per their pace, ability to grab faster or slower depends on individual understanding level.

Learners can easily Find Tutors for Foreign Language and learn when they can spare time out of their busy schedule as on their way to work, right before bed or whenever they have free time for themselves. Online courses have their own advantage as wherever possible they can begin learning from where they left last time. Depend on once capacity to complete the course either in fewer numbers of day or more.

Course length is customized for learners. Students are enrolled more in courses with proper pattern followed. But is there a pattern to amount of progress ARVSL learners make based on course they are enrolling to? If so for which courses do users make the most progress? Can this be helpful in letting us know about the scholars adding to our online training platform? And other additional factors contribute to the amount of progress being made?

Course Length affects the users getting enrolled

The length of courses offered at ARVSL varies for three different languages namely Spanish, Arabic and German. The mentioned languages have their individual factors hence motivating its learners to enable them for the course progress.

Intuitively one big factor affecting course progress might be the amount of prior knowledge in language being learned. When scholars first begin on any of the three language course a quick go through can be followed by enrolling yourself for language. Willingness to learn language is out of interest or for specific purpose.

Increased globalization has enhanced the importance of being able to communicate with people outside one’s mother tongue. What we have seen is learners make faster progress in language to which they are motivated towards. And how much more motivated they are? Depending on the course they are carrying forward from beginner level to more intermediate and advanced level.

Look to the course structure and enroll yourself today. Happy Learning!

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