Meet Abhijeet Rishu, a Spanish Trainer from Bangalore – UrbanPro

Meet Abhijeet Rishu, a Spanish Trainer from Bangalore – UrbanPro

From students to entrepreneurs, professionals to language enthusiasts, Abhijeet has taught the Spanish language to a wide range of students across national and international boundaries. Software Engineer by profession, Abhijeet’s passion for the Spanish Language has made him take up Spanish classes in 2014. Since then, there was no looking back for Abhijeet. He expanded his classes, built a website and achieved manifold growth in the last 3 years.

Full name: Abhijeet Rishu
Category: Spanish Language
Experience: 3 years
Occupation: Software Engineer
Location: Bangalore

A special congratulation to Abhijeet!

Here is an excerpt of our interview with Abhijeet Rishu:

Q1. When and how you started as a Spanish Language Trainer?

Ans. I learned the language through Google casually. Considering the importance and popularity of the language (second most widely spoken language in the world), I planned to start giving online training to students from Feb, 2014, under the name of Online Virtual Classroom for Spanish language (Aula Virtual de español), over video calls. Later, my first website Learn Spanish Online was built which attracted plenty of students. Finally, I am on the verge of launching an online platform named as ARVSL, a centre for learning Spanish, Arabic & German.

Q2. What skills are required to become a Spanish Language Trainer?

Ans. To become a language trainer it is important to understand the constructs of sentences in the language. Once the constructs are known, application of grammar and tense completes the language and allows carrying out any conversation in the language. While giving trainings, I take care of explaining the concepts behind framing a sentence in different tense rather than asking the students to learn the translations word by word directly. In fact, I would suggest every learner to learn a particular language, one should learn the vocabularies and the grammar primarily.

Q3. What do you think makes you stand out from other Spanish Language Trainers on

Ans. I never follow the conventional methods of teaching followed in other institutes. I help the learners to understand how to frame sentences on their own without asking to practice common conversations. The other point is, my flexibility which I provide to my students with respect to the  timings and the fees. I am open to train 24*7 as I have students from abroad as well. I try to relate the language with the native language of the students making them easier to grasp a foreign language in its native form. Last but not the least, the fees which I quote is pretty affordable, making foreign language training economical and acceptable to all classes of people who want to pursue their career in the language field.

Q4. How you came across

Ans. When I planned to provide trainings, I needed a platform where I can search for my prospects. While browsing through internet, I found UrbanPro (earlier named as as one of most convenient platforms to get students as per a trainer’s requirements. Hence, I registered and have been using the portal since 2 yrs. I am thankful to be selected for UrbanPro’s Pro of the month award for Feb 2017.

Q5. What was the turning point in your career?

Ans. I started with a handful of students from only some specific locations. During the  course of time, I successfully managed to get students from all over India and fortunately from countries  like Argentina, Mexico, Kenya, U.K, Singapore and Dubai. Truly, it is  a great achievement for me but still I wish to explore more.

Q6. How platform helped you to expand your Spanish Language Classes?

Ans. It helped me getting genuine individual students or even in groups from different backgrounds and age groups. It modifies and specifies the search for students, thus helping the trainers to filter out students as per suitable requirements with respect to the  location, level of learning and mode of training (online/offline).

Q7. What percentage of your work comes from UrbanPro?

Ans. 65% of my work comes from UrbanPro. I appreciate this platform which has helped me broadcast my trainer profile and expertise to million of registered learners on UrbanPro. Higher profile visibility has helped me get direct calls from national and international companies for corporate assignments.

About the trainer: Abhijeet Rishu is a kind of Spanish Trainer who is known for conducting interactive Spanish Classes, where each and every single student must speak in Spanish. He is excellent at explaining Spanish concepts and makes new learners comfortable with the language. Continuous revisions and tests are also conducted to test students’ progress in acquiring the Spanish language. From clearing Spanish doubts to accommodating flexible class timings, Abhijeet is undeniably a supportive language trainer. He holds a B.Tech degree from BPUT in 2014.

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