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The course is aimed at students who have no previous knowledge of the language.In the class major emphasis is on the spoken tongue ...

Arabic Classes

This course is intended for those students having no previous knowledge on Arabic language. It is quite comprehensive as it deals with the ...

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This course will help students in understanding the basics of German language. Student will be able to construct simple sentences and use them ...



This course is intended for those students having no previous knowledge on Arabic language. It is quite comprehensive as it deals with the basics of Arabic and the grammatical structures. The course will enable you to build up your basic skills in reading, writing, listening & speaking. The course will help you in developing acquisition skills in language. While learning the basic present tense structures of language you will be able to understand and use it with everyday expressions. Introduction of tools that help you to introduce yourself and ask questions about personal details such as where do you live, what are your hobbies, your likes and dislikes and answer them as well.At the completion of this course student will be able to have basic conversation in the lingo.

Elementary –

This course is designed for students who have basic understanding of the language and the vocabulary. The course level includes the use of pronouns and prepositions. The daily using application in regular life is also taught. You will also be learning how to compare objects, ask for price as or when you go for shopping. Learner would be able to communicate in Arabic tongue about simple tasks, to follow and exchange of information’s on familiar and routine matters. After the completion of the course, scholars will be able to explain simple situations as well as read and write straightforward text in Arabic.

Intermediate –

This level will allow you to master the use of past tenses and to become familiar with irregular forms. You will begin to talk about your experiences and events, dreams and hopes, discuss the ambitions. You will learn how to give reasons and explanations for opinions and in plans. This course is intended for those who require revision and in depth knowledge to their studies in previous levels. Students will work on learning more important tenses and will work on widening of their vocabulary. After the course is completed the learners will be able to manage themselves properly in common life situations.

Upper Intermediate

At this level of course we will work on the uses of compound sentences and conditional structures to discuss real and unreal situations. Also explain the viewpoint on issues giving the advantages and disadvantages on different topics discussed. Upon the completion of course one will be able to introduce itself in courtesy form and also learn to express familiar matters which are encountered regularly at places such as work, school, leisure, etc.


Students revise grammar and morphological rules taught in the previous levels. At this level, student is exposed to a variety of texts which enrich their knowledge of sophisticated vocabulary. The text deals with society: tradition and modernity, Islamic movements, family and children, as well as literature.

Mastery –

This course will prepare you to speak fluently and spontaneously with a native Arabic speaker. After getting trained in the course the person will be able to deal with situations of daily life, where one may require specialised use of the Arabic language. Students will understand everything he/she hears or reads easily and practically. He/she will be able to replicate the information and arguments from different sources, whether written or verbal, and present them in a concise and in logical manner.

Fees Structure

BEGINNERS 30hrs 8000
ELEMENTARY 30hrs 8000
ADVANCED 30hrs 8000
MASTERY 30hrs 8000